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The Alley Project is a sort of social micro-community made up of four distinct groups of stakeholders: Youth, Neighbors, Artists, and Organizations (for profit and non profit).  Most of TAP's work involves the continual collection, organization, and employment of each of these groups' unique needs and assets toward the building of relationships and the community.  Its stakeholders play a critical role in the creation and sustainability of the space to continue to meet the needs of neighbors and the community as a whole.  La Terraza has played quite an active role within this distinct group.

La Terraza, a local restaurant and avid supporter of The Alley Project, is located at the end of the block at Avis and Lawndale.  Israel is the restaurant's owner and has frequently provided free or reduced cost food for TAP's events and patrons over the past 18 months.  Additionally he has hosted meetings and workshops in his restaurant space at no cost and always extends a warm welcome to continue using the space as needed.   Recently he was inspired by the activity and artwork of TAP and is proud to have added wall space and lighting to display artwork throughout the restaurant as a show of support for TAP's mission and as an addition to the ambiance of the restaurant.  In March TAP is honored to be hosting an exhibit in the space!

This past week Young Nation hosted a workshop at the restaurant with photographer and Young Nation mentor Tom Stoye.  Participants and leaders from Young Nation, Real Media, and Radical Productions were in attendance as Tom reviewed his portfolio, The Graffiti Writers of Southwest Detroit.  The workshop granted participants access to his collection of photos and included a discussion about composition, artistic process, culture, and relationship building as it relates to being an artist.

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