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For the past year community members, friends, and visitors of Inside Southwest Detroit have been documenting their neighborhoods using a series of hashtags on social media sites.  Some have been trained to do so.  Others have shared what they learned with friends.  Several specific groups have had trainings on how to document and archive their work.   And still others have just done so because they've seen others doing it.  Inside Southwest Detroit has been promoting, following, and archiving this documentation via Instagram by creating a series of hashtags for communities, groups, and individuals that publish hourly to the website to create collections of photos that tell stories.  Together these collections of photos and the words that accompany them are creating narratives about the people and places of Southwest Detroit.

To help get the word out about this initiative we are hosting the #SWDetroit Photo Challenge on Instagram for one week starting on Easter Sunday.  Each day will feature a different theme to photograph and caption.  Each image hashtagged with #SWDetroit and the day’s theme (for example #SWDetroit #SWThrowback) will be featured on Inside Southwest Detroit.  It will appear on the website’s ‘Say Something’ section and allows for commenting and sharing by others.  At the end of the challenge we will select photos with imagery and captions that tell powerful stories about the neighborhood to be featured in a community exhibit at La Terraza’s new location opening April 10th, 2013.  More information about the exhibit will follow.

Inside Southwest Detroit aims to inspire community residents to move beyond being consumers of media to being producers of media.  Resident-created media can be an effective means to communicate a range of ideas, beliefs, and experiences about a community's people and places.  The media that is created eventually forms a broader community narrative as it is collected and activated.  Community-driven narratives are important as keys to local wisdom about communities. Expanding this collection of images about Southwest Detroit is a step in developing strong, effective, and accessible tools to create and publish stories about the community, by the community.  The more we are all building together the better connected, informed, and storied we are as a people and as a community.  Be a part of the story.  Write your own page: shoot, caption, hashtag, share.

#SWDetroit Photo Challenge Themes:
For each day’s challenge please add a caption to your photograph and include #SWDetroit and the hashtag listed for the day.  Check the list below for themes and ideas about what to shoot.

Sunday, March 31: #EasterInSW
Friends, family, food, faith, gatherings and more… how do you spend your Easter in the neighborhood?

Monday, April 01: #MyHoodSW
Start with YOUR block.  Let’s see your street signs, inside and outside homes, sidewalks, paths, cars, and more from your perspective starting where you’re at.  What does Southwest look like from your front door?

Tuesday, April 02: #SWEvents
Flyers, groups at events, happenings, dances, parties, posters for upcoming events.  What is going on in your part of the community?

Wednesday, April 03: #SWArt
Think public art, fine art, art in public, art hanging in homes, artists’ studios, and/or workshops.  Possibilities are endless.  What are your favorite pieces of art or artists in the community?

Thursday, April 04: #SWThrowbacks
Memories made in the neighborhood from months or even years ago.  What do you remember?

Friday, April 05: #SWStyle
Forms of expression… gear, shoes, tattoos, rides, homes, decorating, memorials, dancing, and more.  How does Southwest express itself?

Saturday, April 06: #SWSpaces
Parks, schools, galleries, churches, homes, porches, businesses, gardens, empty spaces, favorite buildings.  What are your favorite spaces and places in Southwest Detroit?

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