Inside Southwest

Caption By Al Poe and Rosa Maria Zamarron
Brown's Bun Baking Co. has been serving various restaurants, food services, sports stadiums and institutions in Detroit and beyond since 1929.  Their 30,000 square foot production facility is located in the heart of Southwest Detroit on Vernor and Ferdinand near Junction.  The wholesale operation is now being run by the founding family's 4th generation who bakes and delivers Brown's baking products daily.

Current and former residents alike recall ways that Brown's adds to the experience of Southwest Detroit:

"The best part of walking to school down vernor, was passing Brown's! Smelling the bread cooling in the doorway. The best buttered, bread and buns baked in Detroit!" - Richard Champagne

"I still remember smelling the bread from my grandmother's house on Ferdinand! The best memories!" -Michelle Brennan-Kelly

"It's been many years when I walked down Vernor going to Western, but I still remember that delicious smell." -Delphine Roland

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