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"For the love of lowriding."  This is what Impala Tone of the Westside Detroit Majestics says is the motivation for the Majestics' annual get togethers.  In fact, you will hear this repeated over and over as a reason for why club members and solo riders consistently come out of their pockets and comfort zones to gather with others across car club, ethnic, and neighborhood lines.

Southwest Detroit is the home to a handful of riders on Southeastern Michigan's lowrider scene including several members of Detroit's Uso, Majestics, and GoodTimes chapters.  A larger number of lowriders have grown up in the neighborhood but have since relocated.  Often lowriders who grow up in Southwest Detroit eventually get older, get jobs, and move to neighboring communities.  But their cars and love for lowriding go with them.  And, as if on auto pilot, they always find their way back to Vernor.  For this reason it only makes sense that there are several spots in the neighborhood that host various annual events as well as informal cruising on the weekend.  Vernor from Patton Park to Clark Park is a strip that attracts cruisers on the weekend.  Also Clark Park, Western International High School's parking lot, Bagley and 21st Street, and countless numbers of taco trucks, taquerias, and  local businesses are all popular among lowriders throughout the summer.

Cinco de Mayo weekend is considered the beginning of the lowrider season in Detroit.  The parade has historically hosted a number of lowriders that gather afterwards for riders and spectators to enjoy.  The Blessing of the Lowriders, hosted by Uso's and GoodTimes' Detroit chapters, coincides with this kick-off.  For the past several years the Blessing has taken place at the Bagley Mercado at the foot of the Ambassador Bridge and is an opportunity to celebrate and consecrate the beauty and spirit of lowriding in Southwest Detroit.  It recognizes lowriding as an opportunity for youth, adults, and others to gather around a mutual interest.  From May-September the "official" season plays itself out through picnics, cruises, shows, and other events.

The Majestics' Hot Sunday gathering was hosted this past weekend on a cool, Fall-like afternoon.  Riders came out for what is often one of the last opportunities to gather for the season (due to the weather).  For the past 5+ years the Majestics have hosted a Saturday movie night for lowriders at the Ford-Wyoming Drive-In in Dearborn followed by Hot Sunday between Clark Park and Western HS the next day.  Having the opportunity to gather so late in the season allows riders to reflect on the season that is coming to a close and talk about what the next year holds for the love of lowriding.

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