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While Cinco de Mayo is commonly mistaken as Mexican Independence Day the actual date is September 16th (TODAY!).  For those of you even remotely familiar with Mexican culture and history this is no surprise.  But for a large number of Americans, even many here in Southwest Detroit, the distinction escapes them.  Cinco de Mayo, commemorating the victory at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 over the French, is often celebrated across the US with party-like festivities while Mexico's independence day often passes unnoticed.

Check out the article below for more history and details about Mexico's independence day:

Excerpt: "Long before 1810, Mexicans had begun to chafe under Spanish rule. Spain kept a stranglehold on her colonies, only permitting them limited trade opportunities and generally appointing Spaniards (as opposed to native-born Creoles) to important colonial posts. To the north, the United States had won its independence decades before, and many Mexicans felt they could, too. In 1808, Creole patriots saw their chance when Napoleon invaded Spain and imprisoned Ferdinand VII. This allowed Mexican and South American rebels to set up their own governments and yet claim loyalty to the imprisoned Spanish King."


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