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Clark Park hosted its second annual Community Celebration of the Day of the Dead on Sunday, November 1st.

Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated across the Americas this time of year and shares a calendar week with All Saints Day and Halloween. Several posters at the event highlighted the traditions and history of Dia de Los Muertos and explained that indigenous celebrations of the festival of the dead date back to 800 BC and were originally observed in July and August. In the 1500's, after the arrival of the Spanish, dates and customs were adapted to align with Roman Catholic practices.

Several ofrendas were on display honoring those who have passed--some local, some international, some recent, some not--for visitors to experience and learn from. Grace Lee Boggs, Lorena Rojas, Joan Sebastian, and Perro Aguayo Jr were among those honored. A procession left from the ice rink and traveled throughout the park, Raices Mexicanas de Detroit performed traditional dance, and snacks and refreshments were served inside the center.

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