Catholic Church

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SNAPSHOT: The Blessing Of The Lowriders

The first Blessing of the Lowriders took place in 1998 at Ste Anne’s Catholic Church in Detroit.  It came about as a way to help break stereotypes about the people behind the lowriders and introduce the community to the passion and dedication behind the creation of the culture’s custom rides.  Fourteen years later the event […]


Customized Cars and Bicycles Bring Southwest Detroit Community Together To Dispel Myths

Written by Gionni Crawford A tradition that started as a way to bring together young people in Southwest Detroit can be touted as “Dream Cruise: Southwest Detroit Style” Hundreds of people gathered to see the showcased lowriders at the annual Blessing of the Lowriders event in Southwest Detroit, one of Detroit’s most vibrant communities, along […]

Via Crucis

SNAPSHOT: Via Crucis at St Gabriel’s Church

Via Crucis is a long standing tradition of the Catholic Church.  Each year on Easter weekend St. Gabriel’s parish in Southwest Detroit hosts an elaborate presentation of the stations of the cross acted out by members of the church.  Hundreds of parishioners and local residents gather to view Via Crucis as it travels outside the […]

Retired With Grace

MetroTimes – Just before Devil’s Night 1995, television news crews went sniffing around southwest Detroit. Knowing the neighborhood was notorious for its Devil’s Night violence and destruction