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UPDATE: Fort Street and Oakwood, Jefferson Bridges


The following is an update from State Representative Rashida Tlaib originally shared via social media:
Many residents have asked me for an update on the two bridges connecting our southwest neighborhoods. The Fort Street Bascule bridge project will be open to traffic on November 21, 2014. The entire project will be completed by May 15, 2015. Please contact Bonnie Yu, MDOT Project Manager at if you have any questions.

Density Around Central and Pitt


Immediately surrounding Central and Pitt is quite a diversity of housing types.  High rise apartments, low rise apartments, 2-family flats, and single residences crowd the area around Harms Elementary.  The density here is unlike most other places in the neighborhood or even across the city.  It supports the businesses in the area including Azteca Supermarket and beyond to Vernor and Central.

Open Letter from Southwest Housing Solutions to Hubbard Farms Residents About Broderick-Murray Project

Written by Tim Thorland and Olga Stella
The following is an open letter to the residents of the Hubbard Farms neighborhood in Southwest Detroit.  It was distributed by Southwest Housing Solutions’ board and director three hours after Inside Southwest Detroit published an op-ed piece about community development and community engagement in Southwest Detroit.  Although the timing of the distribution of both pieces were unrelated, it is important to highlight their relationship in full and fair presentation of available information regarding this issue.