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Mexico’s Independence Day – September 16th

While Cinco de Mayo is commonly mistaken as Mexican Independence Day the actual date is September 16th (TODAY!).  For those of you even remotely familiar with Mexican culture and history this is no surprise.  But for a large number of Americans, even many here in Southwest Detroit, the distinction escapes them.  Cinco de Mayo, commemorating the victory at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 over the French, is often celebrated across the US with party-like festivities while Mexico’s independence day often passes unnoticed.

Fallen Tree From Storms On Falcon Street Near Elsmere


The tree that fell in yesterday’s storms still lays across Falcon St near ‪Elsmere‬ in Southwest Detroit. One neighbor’s car and three neighbors’ homes were damaged. The power was restored and the new light was installed today around the tree somehow. Hopefully we can get this gone next so that our neighbors can carry on.

Fort Wayne and Patton Park Host Final Games of Girl’s Soccer Season


Detroit Cristo Rey, Western International, and Cesar Chavez Academy high schools are wrapping up this season’s play.  Several games over the past couple days between the local teams marks the end of an exciting season.  Historical Fort Wayne and Patton Park are shown in the photos and are host fields of area high school’s girls soccer programs.

Vistas Nuevas Head Start’s Annual Animal Parade


Once a year students of Vistas Nuevas Head Start all across Southwest Detroit get to create and parade their miniature animal floats.  Its a day of pride and fun for all as parents join their students on a walk through the neighborhood together with school staff.  Neighbors are often delighted to see the display and come out on their porches to watch and wave.  Shown in the photos is one center’s journey down Lawndale from Chamberlain to Gartner and back.  If you are a parent and you or your child is pictured here and you did not receive your print please contact us at (313) 744-20777.  Keep an eye out for your local head start’s parade.